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1. Save this web page as file "explode.html"
2. Copy the HTML code of the exchange banners on your link site or your homepage exactly the
                      same, as it is (you do not have to copy the pictures, only the HTML code).
3. Remove the TENTH (the last) banner from this page.
4. Add your own banner before the first banner in the list so your own banner is in FIRST place!
5. Link your banner to your homepage.
(save this modified web page and be sure you save your banner image and this explode.html page on your server)
6. Add a large, un-missable link on your website to "explode.html", so that no visitor
can miss seeing it.

Click here, to get 22,000 visitors on your homepage a day! Completely FREE!!

Just think, even a few visitors on your "explode.html" site can mean
that your banner ends up on hundreds or thousands of other web site!

It's that simple!

You should be sure that:

1.  All the banner images and links on your "explode.htm" work correctly.
2. You remove only the last of the original exchange banners on your web page.
Remember, this is the whole idea!. THEIR banner appears the full rotation.

That is the best part - the banners STAY there and so will yours!
No clicking your banner rotation lists daily to be sure you stay on the rotation lists... your banner list will remain fixed!

How does this work?
Many webmasters will visit your side and see this idea - of these some will see the wonderful potential and copy this page, moving your banner to second place. Webmasters, which visit their site will do the same - and so on and so on... thereby, by this process your banner will eventually be placed on an estimated 50.000 web pages within few months!!
We offer this example: Assumed, only 15 Web masters (the number will be very much higher in reality, this is only an example) visit your homepage and give this idea a try. The 15 sites of these Web masters are visited again in each case by 15 Webmasters, which
                      also add this explode banner page to their sites, etc.. We will only multiply this example until your banner is at 5th place - so even here, we give a conservative example.
The result: 15 x 15 x 15 x 15 = 50,625!
Your banner will now be on 50,625 web pages!

Best of all - these will stay put!
They remain there, bringing  traffic to your site.
You want more reasons to try it? 
It's FREE, FAST, SIMPLE, and brings unbelievable successes!
Why not add this explode banner page to your web site now!


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